ESP Insights is led by a team of experts and professionals, supported by a consortium of tools and methodologies, and built upon experience and expertise in competitiveness, cluster activation, value chain analysis, business strategies, and more. We are reputed for helping institutions, sectors, and projects make more self-aware, evidence-based decisions.

Our co-construction approach, global expertise that is adapted to local contexts, proprietary tools and methodologies – set us apart in this field. Our clients have included private sector institutions, government ministries and agencies, financing institutions, technical and financing partners, foundations, and corporations.


Institutional Strategies

We build operational plans that provide strategic compasses to firms or institutions over a period of time (usually 3 to 5 years). Such is based on an understanding and evaluation of the firm’s current situation, its constituencies’ expectations, and international best practices in the institution’s field or similar institutions.

Institutional Strategies Private Sector Strategies

We empower our private sector clients and partners with strategies for development including action plans and theories of change based on studies of the sector. Studies may include primary and secondary research, a mapping of constraints, obstacles to growth, and needs.



Finance S’Engage” and Data for Growth

This initiative promotes the engagement of SMEs with financing partners that include banks, microfinance organizations, and other financing institutions. We provide a platform that brings financing actors together as well as a yearly forum, thematic sessions, and regional sessions that sit keynote speakers and panelists around a topical finance ecosystem issues. This is aimed at providing SMEs with information on various financing products.

Institutional Strategies Private Sector Strategies

We generate strategies to develop and improve specific public sectors or industries; informed by deep understanding of the sectors, and their mapping. We base our approach on our firm’s proprietary and tested methodologies to drive public sector competitiveness, activate clusters, integrate value chains, and promote exportations and investments.