About ESP Scale

What we do

We aim to enable innovative, scalable, and profitable enterprises to build prosperity for Africa

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Our mission is “to foster entrepreneurial solutions for prosperity.” We understand that sustainable transformation, in Africa’s context, requires an entrepreneurial approach. We believe in the continent’s potential to lead innovation . ESP enables people, firms, institutions, and nations to articulate, implement and disseminate solutions to their economic challenges.

Our approach is to utilize Intelligent Capital—the right combination of technical and financial assistance—to enable SMEs to address critical societal issues.

“From ideas to fully established SMEs, the potential for them to be transformational is near- guaranteed. We believe entrepreneurs are best suited to drive the prosperity the continent needs”

How we do it

The programs we offer

ESP provides a 360 environment to foster ventures at different stages into commercially successful, disruptive businesses. The thematic areas that our programs cover:


Step after another, our extensive pool of resources and coaches help entrepreneurs refine ambitions into structured, well-communicated, and scalable ventures. By scaling ambitions to feasible and bankable business innovations and solutions, we help in setting the foundation for what will and have become market leaders.


ESP programs are also designed to enable the breaking of barriers of high-potential business ideas – allowing them to develop. This is done by creating an entrepreneurial environment of workshops, mentorship programs, and training opportunities to facilitate the process of turning their ideas into high-impact businesses.


Through highly meticulous processes, we enable validated businesses to scale through the deployment of resources like grant funds, capital investments, etc. Uniquely, our beyond-program approach ensures we keep helping enterprises for the life of their company – even after graduating from any of our programs.






Entrepreneurs supported

$ 24M

Amount invested