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Our services can be categorized into two - Insights and Scale. Collectively, ESP provides a complete ecosystem of support for institutions of any size and ventures at any stage - all with varying strategic needs.


We are experts in insights and strategy consulting. We use quantitative and qualitative research and data to create relevant reports, segmentations, drive innovation, deliver brand or institutional strategy, and curate compelling communications.


We work with entrepreneurs at all stages of growth to foster their businesses into commercially successful, disruptive businesses. Through our programs, we work to get participating businesses into the best possible business shape through the provision of both technical and financial support.

“Enough evidence that points to Africa as a fertile environment for entrepreneurship has been given. ESP is happy to be of impact to the action takers”

Eric Kacou - Co founder

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Experts in Private sector development

“Entrepreneurs investing in Entrepreneurs.” We believe that sustainable transformation requires an entrepreneurial approach to deploy scalable and innovative solutions to foster prosperity. 

Technical assistance

Through our rigorous and thoroughly designed processes, we select and nurture potential high-impact SMEs through our flagship programs.

Financial support

We support our entrepreneurs with strategic funding to promote the emergence of Pan-African champions.


Since 2011, we strive for measurable impact

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Entrepreneurs Supported
Jobs created by our entrepreneurs

Driven by data

We believe in the power of entrepreneurs to foster prosperity in Africa

Job Creation

As our entrepreneurs continue to forge sustainable businesses, they in turn create opportunities of employment for people.

Women Inclusion

With deliberate strategies that encourage and support the participation of women in our entrepreneurship programs, we continue to strive for inclusion.

We are working with entrepreneurs to create sustainable impact for Africa

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