Enabling Entrepreneurs
to Achieve Success & Significance
Why do we exist?

We believe in the power of entrepreneurs to enable prosperity. Yet, entrepreneurs in Africa face a vicious cycle keeping their businesses under skilled, undercapitalized and vulnerable. We exist to help these entrepreneurs grow.


Foster prosperity through high-growth entrepreneurship


We aim to impact one million entrepreneurs in Africa.


To deploy Intelligent Capital, the right combination of Insights & Investments to enable growth of high- impact entrepreneurs

We achieve all these through:
Incubate Ventures

Running a variety of entrepreneurial competition and supporting incubators and accelerators to enable early stage development

High Impact Ventures

Facilitating capital raises and investing directly in high impact ventures

Generating Insights

Working directly with firms in as a strategic advisor to help them grow their businesses. We also serve as strategic advisors to a number of broader private sector development stakeholders.

Orange Corners Côte d'Ivoire
Entrepreneurs & private sector development drive economic growth & prosperity. Innovative business champions are not only creating world class brands and profits, but also lifting billions of people out of poverty by leveraging the power of the private sector. Read
Our Approach
Be Pioneers In Undeserved Areas
Fragile and conflict states
Francophone (and Lusophone) Africa and
Fragile and conflict states
Partner With The Best To
Adapt best-in-class models to our markets
Pilot Innovative approaches to address needs
Our Beliefs
Values we uphold
The right mindset makes the difference between success and failure
Success happens when vision is powered with insights and capital
Entrepreneurs change the lives of everyone they touch
Technology provides an opportunity to scale impact with entrepreneurs
With great partnerships from:
What our clients & partners say
Adama Ndiaye
President (FANAF)

On behalf of FANAF and [its] guests, thank you for agreeing to share with such brilliance your expertise and vision of the leaders of today and tomorrow during the panel discussion

Cheney R. Neto
CEO TecRetina, Entrepreneur at the INAPEM ICT Incubator

Thank you for the congratulations. I can already say that this prize goes to all of us, because much of the concepts applied in the preparation of the project came from the incubator (Leadership and mentoring sessions)

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