Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners (ESP) and Princeton University’s Princeton in Africa (PiAf) Establish Memorandum of Understanding for Fellowship Program

Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners (ESP) and Princeton University’s Princeton in Africa (PiAf) Establish Memorandum of Understanding for Fellowship Program

Abidjan, CI – March 12th, 2024 – Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners (ESP), an organization whose mission is providing the keys to sustainable success to entrepreneurs in Africa, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Princeton in Africa (PiAf), a nonprofit organization based at Princeton University, to collaborate on a fellowship program aimed at fostering professional development and collaboration in Africa.

Under the terms of the MOU, ESP will engage the services of a Fellow(s) to work in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, and Kigali, Rwanda. The Fellowship will last for one calendar year and is designed to provide recent graduates with valuable experience in addressing challenges and driving positive change in Africa.

The MOU outlines that ESP will offer guidance and mentorship to Fellows while PiAf will oversee the fellowship process, and both organizations will collaborate to ensure fellows receive necessary documentation and support for their work, with a performance assessment report at the end of the fellowship.

Commenting on the partnership, Damilola Akinyele, Executive Director of  Princeton in Africa, said,”We are absolutely delighted to join forces with Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners, embarking on an exhilarating journey to empower young professionals to spearhead impactful initiatives across Africa. This dynamic collaboration not only reaffirms our steadfast dedication to nurturing talent and fostering sustainable development but also positions us at the forefront of competitiveness and private sector advancement. Together, we envision catalyzing a pan-African footprint, driving change, and propelling the green transition forward with unwavering enthusiasm and commitment.”

Teddy Roux, Director of Growth and Partnerships at  Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners, added, “We firmly believe that nurturing the next generation of leaders is paramount for fostering innovation and driving progress throughout Africa. It is with great enthusiasm that we embark on this collaboration with Princeton in Africa, aiming to not only cultivate young talent but also to forge robust partnerships and build bridges that accelerate entrepreneurship development and growth. Aligned with our long term objectives, we are dedicated to championing the green transition, leveraging sustainable practices to create positive change in our communities. We eagerly anticipate welcoming talented individuals to our offices in Abidjan and Kigali, with a shared vision of expanding and strengthening this partnership over the coming years.”

For more information about the fellowship program, contact:

Damilola Akinyele

Executive Director

Princeton in Africa

Louis A. Simpson International Building

Princeton University

Princeton, NJ 08544 USA

Email: dakinyele@princetoninafrica.org

Claude Panmo

HR Manager

Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners

Cocody,  2 Plateaux, Rue Saint Jacques 28 BP 131  

Email: cpanmo@espartners.co

Vivian Kayitesi

Country Lead-Rwanda

Fairview Building, Wing A KG 644 St

Email: vkayitesi@espartners.co

About Princeton in Africa:

Princeton in Africa (PiAf) is a nonprofit organization based at Princeton University that offers yearlong fellowship opportunities in Africa for recent graduates and young professionals. Founded in 1999, PiAf aims to foster mutual appreciation and understanding between Africa and America while providing young leaders with the opportunity to contribute to the development of the African continent.

About Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners:Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners (ESP) is an organization whose mission is to provide keys to sustainable success to entrepreneurs in Africa. ESP enables people, firms, institutions, and nations to articulate and implement solutions to their economic challenges. ESP’s approach is to provide Intelligent capital™—the right combination of insights and capital—to address critical societal issues. With offices in Abidjan and Kigali, ESP has been in operation since 2011, and has impacted more than 3,000 entrepreneurs across seven African countries through its entrepreneurial support programs.

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